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Group Personal Training Classes

Our body4you group personal training is a fun and enjoyable way to get results. Training within a group environment can dramatically improve your work rate without you even being aware of you doing so, the mind automatically switches on a competitive side you may never new you had.

We don’t name our classes individually due to the variety of routines we use within the group training. Each class will be specifically laid out and run to each individuals needs, hence our ‘Group Personal Training’ name.

If you decide to join the Group Personal Training Membership you not only get the choice of our 11 sessions, we’ve decided to add our 8am-8pm gym membership in with the group package.

What to expect in our Group Training:

  • Functional and Flexible Full Body Training
  • All Abilities and Age Groups are Welcome (Class Attendees Must Be a Minimum of 16 Years Old)
  • 11 Group Personal Training Classes per Week
  • One Hour Long
  • Anything from 3 to 15 participants
  • The use of a variety of equipment and machinery
  • Friendly Social Environment

The workout you receive in the group training class will be from a wide range of exercises that will work equally the upper and lower body while also providing intervals of core and cardio exercises.

At body4you, your fitness is given serious consideration and any health issues are always considered before subjecting you to any specialised exercise regimens. Group classes are designed to be fast paced and enthusiastic. Participants can expect the classes to increase their aerobic fitness as well as build full body strength. Anyone who is looking to shake out a good sweat should make plans to attend one or many of our Group Personal Training Classes.

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