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Gym Memberships

If you take out a membership at body4you, firstly you can take advantage of our free initial consultation. In this consultation we use the time to ask what your overall goals and needs are for joining us. We follow our body4you full body assessment, which includes a body composition, range of movement assessment and a standard PARQ questionnaire. With the information we collect, this helps us design your bespoke gym programme, if you desire one. We’ll teach you how to use all equipment safely and how to perform the exercises you’ll use within session.

Benefits with joining the body4you team:

  • 15 Piece Cardio Set for Equipment Workouts
  • Customised Gym Programmes
  • 4 Gym Memberships to Choose From
  • Classes and Instruction for All Abilities and Ages (Minimum 16 Years Old)
  • Open 6 Days A Week

When you join body4you and take advantage of what we offer you wont be left alone, our trainers are on the gym floor all day and are available to ask for any help and advice.

Assistance from Professionals:

If your new to exercise and unsure how to perform to your full ability then having a body4you trainer can really help, not just with your fitness needs but injury prevention, diet, flexibility and longevity.

Fitness Testing:

We follow our tailored fitness and biomechanical assessment, which allows us to see your current fitness level, your bodies ability to perform full range movements and a general health screen. This in all helps us build your bespoke exercise programme and ensures you of any injury or health risk. Everybody reacts to exercise differently and with one-to-one training or regular fitness and programme reviews it can help you train to your bodies exact needs.


We know staying motivated can be the most difficult aspect of exercise for many people. Having a gym membership also provides you with exercise support in the form of other members or even expert advice received from our gym professionals. Our gym is friendly social environment and great to make frieinds, remember we’re all there for the same reason to get fit and stay healthy.

Day Breaker Gym Membership:

Valid Mon-Fri 8am-2pm/Sat 8am-12pm

Day Breaker ‘PLUS’ Gym Membership:

Valid Mon-Fri 8am-2pm/Sat 8am-12pm – Includes Group Membership Classes at 9am on Mon/Wed/Fri and 1pm on Tues/Thurs

Gym Membership:

Valid Mon-Fri 8am-8pm/Sat 8am-12pm

Student Gym Membership:

Valid Mon-Fri 8am-8pm/Sat 8am-12pm (a valid student card/letter of enrolement must be produced)

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