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Personal Training

There are many benefits to participating in Personal Training. With the right Personal Trainer and facility, you can quickly transform your body, health and life. There are several reasons why Personal Training is more effective than just a visit to a gym.

Bespoke Program Tailored to Your Needs:

At body4you we appreciate that everyone is an individual and takes to exercise in very different ways. With a body4you personal trainer, you’ll receive a bespoke training routine that is prescribed to suit your body’s ability and cardiac training zones. We spend time in finding out the perfect way your body wants to be trained.

Accountability and Motivation:

We know that for some participating in exercise, following a weight loss routine or getting to the gym can be difficult but with a body4you personal trainer we’ll give you as much positive support as you need within session to help you reach your full potential. When you sign up for your personal training package we offer advice and support via phone or email outside of your sessions if required.


While accidents can happen in the training room, having a personal trainer by your side ensures your workout routine is as safe and effective as possible. We know your health and physical limitations and can help ensure a safe program is created for you in and outside of the gym. Also all our body4you trainers carry a first aid qualification and attend regular refresher courses.

Refreshing New Routines:

If left to your own choices, you may begin to get bored with the same old gym routines. Having a personal trainer means that new exercises are consistently being introduced into your workout, which will keep your body working in different ways that overall will improve your general physique and strength. Our body4you trainers pride themselves on their knowledge and fitness backgrounds and promise to make your time with them as enjoyable and unique as possible.

Additional Benefits to Body4you Personal Training:

Body4you provides a unique experience that entails one-to-one training that is tailored to meet your individual needs. With flexible training times, personal training sessions last for one hour and are held in our facility in Winchcombe or in the comfort of your own home or if lucky enough your own gym. With all our personal training packages we offer our gym membership and the use of our 11 group personal training sessions a week. With this available you get to utilize all that we offer for the price of one session.

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