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“I’m now fit again (after about 20 years) thanks to the trainers at Body4you. It’s a relaxed but very professional gym with a real “family feel”. And one year on it remains tremendous fun.”

Sue Newton (Winchcombe)


I’ve been going to Body4you for two years ever since a friend recommended them to me.  I like the friendly atmosphere at the gym.  The gym classes and my personal training sessions are hard work but fun. My goal was to ‘get fit and stay fit’. It’s working – I feel fitter now than I have for years.”

Jan Silvester (Greeten)


“Nick & Dave are absolutely committed to ensuring safe and carefully designed programmes for exercise and fitness for all levels of skill. Although serious about their commitment to their client’s personal development they provide a great, fun environment in which you are never allowed to take yourself too seriously! 19 years old or 90 years old I guarantee you’ll receive a warm welcome!”

Christine Vickery (Winchcombe)


“I have belonged to Body4you for many years and they have managed to keep me fit. They continually change the exercises keeping it interesting and always ahead of the fitness game. They understand injuries and will work around them. The group circuit classes are fun, varied, and push you as far as possible.”

Liz Eaves (Toddington)


“Since Dave has been coming to my home to personal train me I have been invigorated. The exercises he makes me do are hard but achievable, without him I would still have back problems. In Home Training is convenient as I don’t have much time in the day, he brings all the kit required. I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t like going to gyms.”

Hillary Vallance (Southam)


“My partner and I decided to get married so I went out and bought a “Must Have” dress. It was the only one in the shop and a size too small. I could try and alter it or loose weight, so I decided to join a gym .I had 3 months until the wedding and I work in an office so spend most of my day sat down I needed somewhere local, so I took a deep breath and walked through the door at Body4you. I was introduced to Nick and had an initial consultation where I had a health assessment and I explained why I was there.

It was hard work to start with but I had an end goal which kept me focused and everyone there is friendly and encouraging you along. Well needless to say the big day arrived, I had lost 1 stone and the dress fitted perfectly. I was so pleased with myself and it was great to hear people saying how good I looked. I have enjoyed going to Body4you so much that I have decided to carry on as I feel so much better for losing the weight, my blood pressure is down and I have lots more energy. You can pay month by month too so there is no contract should I want to stop and the cost is less than buying “diet aiding products” which had never worked for me. Going to Body4you keeps you on task and your be sure to get a warm welcome every time you enter through their door.”

Alana Trotter (Winchcombe)


“We needed a gym in the heart of the Cotswold’s that we could utilise with our 6 week preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. Body4you offered us the facility and the expertise in Dave & Nick to help our riders with their own individual programmes. The US Team found Dave, Nick and their staff very welcoming and hospitable.”

US Equine Team 2012


“I have been with the gym for many years now. I wanted to progress my training like I had been doing with my racing. Being a professional athlete I wanted to be with like minded trainers that have also excelled in sports and training.

Body4you is local to me but having both Dave and Nick to help with training technique or injury support, therefore its an important facility for me to have on my door step.”

Simon Andrews (Evesham) – Honda TT Legends – World Endurance championship – Isle of Man TT Road Races

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