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Dan Keogh – Soft Tissue Specialist

Following successful completion of my Sports and Exercise Science degree I achieved distinction in a post-grad diploma in Sports and Remedial massage therapy. During my diploma I volunteered over 200 hours with various sports clubs including West Ham United, London Scottish and the then London Wasps. As a result of impressing during my student year I was offered a full time, first team role within the medical team at West Ham United as Soft Tissue Therapist which was very exciting. I spent 2 brilliant years with the club in the Barclays premiership where I developed well within a forward thinking medical team.

Following two years in Football I made the move to Rugby Union with Worcester Warriors where I became Lead Soft Tissue Therapist, overseeing the provision of soft tissue therapy and mentoring 10 Sports Therapy students from the University of Worcester. I headed up rehabilitation soft tissue therapy whilst also placing a focus on recovery and preparation/prehabilitation.

During my time at Warriors I was also selected to be part of a medical department at the European games in Baku working with various athletes from a variety of sports which I really enjoyed. Recently though I was approached for a role back in Premiership football as Lead Soft Tissue Therapist for West Bromwich Albion. Albion were voted the best medical and performance department in the Premiership last season by their peers so this move was a no brainer for me.

I am extremely fortunate to have worked with some of the best medical minds in English Football and Rugby Union and I have learned a lot from the diverse, collaborative elite departments that I have worked within.

One of my proudest achievements though came last year when I reached the final 20 out of over 200 candidates for a job as a soft tissue therapist for the England football team. Sadly I missed out on that occasion but learning and progression are hugely important to me and so I hopefully see myself filling such a role in the future.

Despite my career largely being within professional sport I am very proficient in treating non-athletes/sports people. For me it is simple – people need to move with freedom and without discomfort for whatever reason whether it be running marathons or walking the dog. I know that my skill set, experience and knowledge stand me in good stead to achieve this alongside my clients.

I always tailor my treatments to encourage optimal results whilst also providing realistic homecare advice to fit easily into all lifestyles.

Rebecca Stone BSc (Hons) MSST – Sports Massage Therapist

In 2007, I set up my clinic, based at Gym and Tonic, Bredons Hardwick, where I continue to practise. I then expanded my business in 2010, when I started a clinic at Body4You in Greet. In the clinic based environment, I treat a wide variety of people: – All ages: To date, the youngest person I have treated was an eight year old and the eldest was a 90 year old. – Athletes: From amateur to professional. It’s worth noting that a large proportion of my clients are not at all interested in sport and simply seek out guidance on how to recover from an injury sustained from a non-sporting incident. – Abilities: The beauty about Sports Therapy is the individual tailoring that it allows. I have been able to adapt treatments to suit pregnant women, wheelchair bound clients, amputee patients, diabetics, vertigo sufferers and so on. It is important to be able to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to designing effective treatment plans.

As well as running my two clinics, I also am Head Sports Therapist for Camp Hill Rugby Club, where I have worked since 2005. In this environment, my roles are slightly different to that in the clinic. It is my responsibility to assess players’ prior to matches to establish whether an injured player can be ‘protected’ from further injury via techniques such as strapping, or whether they need to be rested and not played. During matches I administer first aid where required and I have to make speedy decisions determining the risk involved with each injury, taking into consideration the health of the player and the effects my decisions may have on the team dynamics. It is therefore, my responsibility to re-assess any injured players after matches and to get them fit as soon as possible.

Continuing with my Rugby Union experience, I worked alongside two Physiotherapists and a fellow Sports Therapist at Gloucester Rugby Club during the 2006-2007 season. It was in this role where my rehabilitation skills were really tested. At premiership level, there is little room for error.   I have also provided Sports Therapy treatments at The London Marathon, Great North Run, National Kickboxing Championships, Disability Athletics, Gloucester Football Club, Tewkesbury Triathlon, Tewkesbury Half Marathon and so on.


I graduated from Birmingham in 2007 with a first class honours degree in Sports Therapy. Since graduating, I have completed numerous workshops, seminars and courses including myofascial release therapy, kinesio taping, specific soft tissue mobilisation, to name but a few. I have also lectured final year Sports Therapy students at BCU.

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