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Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm

Sat: 8am-1pm





Body4you, founded in 2009 is a personal training, group class, gym based facility in the beautiful Cotswold's just outside Cheltenham in the historic town of Winchcombe.

Our goal is simple – to provide the local community with a welcoming place to exercise, socialise and have fun.


At Body4you, it doesn’t matter to us if you’ve never seen a dumbbell in your life or you are a seasoned professional, our dedicated team of instructors work alongside each other to develop the best holistic programmes to support our clients according to their physical, aesthetic, or mobility goals.


No matter how big or small your fitness goal, our team at Body4you will help you reach your fitness potential.

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We offer a gym with free weights and purpose built cross training racks, TRX, rowing machines, spin bikes, cross trainers, Ski-ergo, assault bikes, Wattbike, treadmills, plus much more.

Our duplex facility provides a safe spacious environment, allowing you to fulfil your fitness needs.

Fixed weight machines include leg press, leg curl, leg extension lat pull down, chest press and row machine, plus a multi plane cable cross system.

Our upstairs stretch area comprises of a bands, balance balls, foam rollers and boxing bags.

Shower/WC facilities and a cloak/locker room available for your convenience.

All our instructors are highly qualified professionals and are here to advise on exercise, health and nutrition. 

Each personal training client receives a full body consultation and has the opportunity to access our specialist sport therapists who operate from our in-house therapy room.


All our data is stored safely and securely.  



We are stronger when we work together as a team and our group exercise classes give you the opportunity to work out and socialise. We do everything we can to bring people together and elevate happiness. 

We offer 11 classes per week, varying in content. Whether you are 17 going on 70, we want everyone to benefit and make sure each class is totally inclusive.  

Our easy to use app makes booking your class simple. You will also get a reminder 24 hours before, so no excuses!


Our group sessions are carried out here in the gym (Covid rule dependent) and/or via our online platform.

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Are you in need of some new exercise routines, lacking motivation or need an extra push? Our one-on-one personal training sessions are designed to inspire clients to focus on themselves and their specific fitness goals. Our instructors will help guide you through your fitness journey.


At Body4you our instructors are all highly qualified fitness professionals, with a passion for health and exercise. Not only do they achieve exceptional results, but they also make working out fun and enjoyable! We offer personal training services in the comfort of your own home or you can have your personal training sessions in our state of the art Body4you facility, the choice is yours.

Our instructors will give you a health and fitness assessment before working with you to develop a programme that takes into account your aspirations as well as your age, ability and mobility. Many of our clients are seasoned Body4you members and opt for the mobility, stretch and strength building training.


We have trained jockeys who compete in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, professional rugby and football players, celebrities to your general fitness enthusiast. Our purpose built, cross training equipment is also handy for anyone looking to compete in Cross Fit Games.



You need never work out alone with our regular live classes streamed straight into your home via Zoom. Keep connected with the Body4you team (and other members) with our in-session live chats.

Many of the 45 minute classes are body weight and need minimal equipment, or use household objects, such as a chair. Whether you're wanting to tone your abs or get a full body session, these muscle workers are a surefire success. From Pilates, HIIT to MetCon classes there are online options for everyone.

Your monthly group class membership gives you full unlimited use to these innovative, easy access and highly popular workout sessions.  



Before using our Body4you facilities we encourage everyone to book a FREE consultation which includes an introduction to the gym, facilities, equipment and instructors. Following this we can work with you to set some goals and targets creating a fitness plan that works for you.


Our pricing and membership is very simple.



PAYG Gym £10.00

Per Session (2 Hour Max Stay)

PAYG Gym/Online Group £15.00

Per Class (45 Mins)



Student Gym Membership £24.00 

(Mon-Fri 7am-8pm / Sat 8am-1pm)

Half Gym Membership £24.00

(Mon-Fri 7am-1pm / Sat 8am-1pm)**

Full Gym Membership £36.00

(Mon-Fri 7am-8pm / Sat 8am-1pm)**




(Includes Unlimited Full Gym Membership)


Student Class Membership £50.00 

(Mon-Sat Unlimited Group Classes)**

Group Class Membership £60.00 

(Mon-Sat Unlimited Group Classes)**




Personal Training (Gym) £50.00

Per Hour*

Personal Training (In-Home) £60.00

Per Hour*

Personal Training Membership (x1 Session Per Week) £216.67 Per Month* 

(Includes Unlimited Group Class & Gym Membership)

In-Home Personal Training Membership (x1 Session Per Week) £260.00 Per Month*

(Includes Unlimited Group Class & Gym Membership)


*Cancellation Policy - Clients have till to 8pm the night before to cancel or reschedule Personal Training appointments. Full session cost will be charged if after this time.


**£15.00 joining fee for Gym & Group Class Memberships, not applicable to students or Personal Training Memberships.

(3 month minimum contract on all direct debits / 30 day notice period to terminate all direct debits).

For full Terms and Conditions please click HERE




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John, 63

I’ve been training with Nick for over 10 years and during that time he has helped me with my goals. Through that time I have achieved some amazing personal bests as a result of his coaching skills.

After suffering an injury Nick helped me regain strength and we are still working on rebuilding my strength and recovery.

I was very patient and I quickly realised that he knew what he was talking about and I put my trust in him. The sessions have always been at the right level; gradually increasing in intensity but never more than is achievable. I can honestly say that after just a few months I felt so much better.

He has a great understanding of what my goals are and I would highly recommend him.

It’s not just physical health though; mentally I’m stronger, more self-assured, alert and happier.  

Anne, 53

 I am 53 and have always been lucky in that I could eat exactly what I wanted, had an active job and children to run around after so other than an occasional pilates class, I didn’t exercise but stayed trim and healthy.

Fast forward several years to a desk job and grown up children, I discovered that not only is middle aged spread real, but  it had arrived! I had piled on 8kg or so and was really unhappy about the way I looked and felt about myself. 

I kept driving past the Body4you flags by the road on my way to work and knew that I had to take a look at their facilities. 

From the start, Nick was knowledgeable, professional and without judgment. I was recovering from an injury and had limited mobility as well as some pain. This made me very protective and reluctant to do all of the exercises.

Through Nick I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and have so much more energy. 

Bethan, 34

I highly recommend all of the team at Bod4you. I use all of them for my personal training as they each have something different to offer, but all work as a team to help clients hit their goals.


Their individual personalities make each training session fun, and I cry from laughing - not pain!

I was always apprehensive about working with a male personal trainer but they are all very respectful and professional trainers. 

The atmosphere is not what I expected from a gym, its got a huge age range of clients and its certainly not a gym bunny haunt - no high fashion here! 

 I feel at home in my oversized t shirt and crazy leggings! 



Body4you Ltd

11 Isbourne Way



GL54 5NS



01242 604011

Opening Times:

Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm

Sat: 8am-1pm

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